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Glamping in front of Mont- Saint-Michel

The stunning island of Mont-Saint-Michel, located 3.30 from Paris lies between Normandy and Brittany. This rocky island with its feet in the water, is one of the most popular tourist sites in Normandy. The islet and bay are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, a must see for all. While Mont-Saint-Michel is visible from the Ferme de la Moricière, what a joy it is to sit on the terrace and take in this stunning view.

The Bay

The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is the scene of the largest tides in continental Europe. You can observe the phenomenon from the Mount on the west facade. Crossing the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is a unique experience that we advise you to experience (accompanied by a guide of course). Even today, crossing the bay barefoot is de rigueur! Sylvie, who manages Yves la Ferme de la Moricière, is also a guide to the bay! She will help you discover the incredible flora and fauna with love and care while regaling you with tales of legends and the famous quicksand!

The Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

This exceptional historical monument was once a famous pilgrimage destination. The Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is a glorious exhibition of both religious and military architecture from medieval times. Throughout the year, visits, activities and concerts punctuate the life of the building. In summer, night walks are organized in the heart of the abbey. Inside the Mont, there is the Grande Rue with museums, shops and houses from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and a Parish Church of the same period. But the highlight of the experience appears after you ascend the 350 steps that is the Grand Degré … with the discovery of the Abbey (and its superb cloister) which offers a complete panorama of medieval architecture from the eighth century.

Family holidays by the sea

From the Ferme de la Moricière you are only twenty minutes from the beach. Take some time to relax on the beach of Jullouville or Saint-Pair-sur-Mer. The city and seaside resort of Granville is also worth a visit. Stroll on the port, visit the high city installed on the peninsula on the edge of a cliff or visit the Christian-Dior Museum and visit the beautiful English garden.

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