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Located on the south coast of England lies Hastings, which gives its name to the Battle of Hastings that took place at Senlac Hill in 1066. There's plenty to learn from all its history as well as the area offering many activities should you decide to venture from your glamping destination. Head into the coastal town of Hastings to the pier and walk along the promenade enjoying the view of the sea and colourful beach houses and taking in the fresh sea breeze.

Visit the Norman fortress ruins of Hastings Castle which as a cloistered chapel and an audio-visual show inside a tent. Smugglers Adventure is an interesting activity for all ages as it's a series of underground tunnels tracing the steps of smugglers, with sound effects and costumed staff. Head to the East Hill Lift Upper Station which is an early 20th-century funicular railway (the steepest one in the UK), that offers park access and stunning beach views. Blue Reef Aquarium, a journey through naturally themed habitats, including an underwater tunnel with sharks and reef fish is certainly something that will make the younger ones wow.

Spend your family holiday glamping at Lunsford Farm

At Lunsford Farm, the four lodges nestle in a copse on a stretch of higher ground, the perfect vantage point from which to take in the stunning sea views. The beach is only a 10-minute walk away, and on the way, you will cross meadows and marshland full of rare and even endangered species. On Lunsford Farm itself, the tour is not to be missed, as it features introductions to the Romney ewes and cross-bred cows and calves, and Bertie the Aberdeen Angus bull. Roaming the farm will uncover some beautiful original farm buildings as well as a possible water vole sighting at any of several ponds.